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ENAGIC Enagic is a 47 year old Japanese company that engineers water ionisers to promote a toxic-free and chemical-free lifestyle Most people are already aware of the contaminants and chemicals that are in tap water, however not many people are aware about how harmful these are for our body. One of the flagship products from the Enagic range is a medical grade, in-home water ioniser called the Kangen 8 (K8) The K8 transforms regular tap water into hydrogen rich drinking water by a process called electrolysis that removes chemicals such as aluminium, copper, fluorine, chlorine, nitrates, arsenic and other contaminants that are linked to cancers! There has been studies that show chlorine water has 95% higher incidences of bladder, rectal and breast cancers, as well as asthma, eczema, heart disease, higher miscarriage and birth defects.
 Kangen water is produced from the K8 and produces alkaline and acidic waters that create 7 different levels of custom PH from 2.5 up to 11.5 that has 68 different uses such as: drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning. Another flagship product is the Anespa, which is a mineral ion spa shower system that eliminates the toxins that seep through our pours, especially when we have hot showers because our pours are expanding, which mean more of the toxins are entering our body. The anespa filters out the harmful chemicals and chlorine that come from the tap water and balances the pH for hard and skin at a 6.0ph, which leaves you with a natural hot springs effect. Its good to note as well, that our bodies absorb more toxic exposure from showering in tap water, than it does from drinking it. During a 10 minute shower, your body absorbs more chlorine than you would by drinking 8 cups of tap water. The final product I want to share about is the UKON turmeric, which comes in 3 different forms: - capsules - tea - soap Turmeric is amazing for anti-inflammatory health benefits that have been recognise for centuries as a natural healer. The Ukon is grown in Japan and is 100% plant based. ... so there you have it! The TRIFECTA of a health that supports a holistic and toxic-free lifestyle: K8 ANESPA UKON Contact me today to learn more and to chat about a product that aligns with you.

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