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ENAGIC Enagic is a 47 year old Japanese company that engineers water ionisers to promote a toxic-free and chemical-free lifestyle Most people are already aware of the contaminants and chemicals that are in tap water, however not many people ar
Glockemann Water Pumps
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About Glockemann Water Pumps g-how-it-works Roy Bird, the Managing Director of Glockemann Water Pumps Pty Ltd, first saw the Glockemann hydraulic ram water pump working in the jungles of Papua New Guinea in 2009 where he had two shops, one in Gor
Live Changing Water with Christine L. Dillon
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Water is the most important substance in the world and it is important to know that not all WATER is created equal. Introducing Kangen Water - A REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY THAT CHANGES OUR BODY FROM THE INSIDE OUT. What if Kangan Water could with
Water Filtration Solutions
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Water Filtration Solutions (WFS) is an Australian-owned water filtration company. We specialise in providing residential and small commercial water filtration products such as complete water filter kits and cartridge filters.
Dee Britton International P/L
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Enhancing wellness & wealth through consuming & sharing the most amazing water
Eagle Lifestyle
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We operate as a water filtration mobile unit for sales, servicing and installations. You can also visit our premises. After decades of extensive testing helping families and businesses with their water quality problems, Michael Jeffery knows what
Nessie Ellis
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Alkaline Ionized water filtration systems and health supplements.
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All the right solutions for your water purification, water cooler & treatment needs. Established in 1990, we now service clients Australia wide. Using the patented multi-pure CC1-S 0.45 micron cartridge for most domestic & commercial applicat
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Alisha Byrne - Kangen Water™/Enagic® independent distributor
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Kangen Water™ is deliciously tasting clean, smooth water. It is produced via an Enagic® water filter ionizer, which also produce several other waters for your overall health (as shown in the video above). There are 3 different levels of Kangen Wat
Kangen Wth Amanda
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Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic®'s innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water but they also produce ionised alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various p
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