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Why choose Water-2 Go water suppliers?

Established by Joe Hobaiter in 2004, Water 2 Go commenced bulk water carrying and delivery services responding to the growing need for drinking water resourced in Victoria. Even with the most recent easing of water restrictions, all of us need to remain community minded and water wise in how we use our precious liquid resource. Some common tasks with water, such as filling or topping up your pool or spa, can be time consuming by using available methods, such as an ordinary hose. Efficient, affordable and easy delivery of quality and ethically sourced clean water is where Water 2 Go will excel. As an example, your pool can be filled or topped up within 24-48 hours from one of our reliable water sources. We offer competitive pricing and hassle free delivery with just one phone call. Our team is passionate about using water in the most responsible way possible. Therefore, we welcome every advance in the conservation of our precious liquid resource recognising and reinforcing the fact that water as a whole is an extremely valuable and precious resource that must not be wasted in any way. Our holistic approach to supply and maintenance means we can also run a check on your pumps and general fittings at the same time we deliver your water. Not only that, but here is our pledge to you: Water 2 Go delivers the cleanest and freshest water that you will ever find anywhere. If that promise is left unfulfilled in your case, we guarantee that you will get your money back.

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